New Housing Fee Report

Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes 66.10014, the Village is required annually to post a report no later than January 1st of the following year outlining the fees imposed for residential construction, remodeling, or development. 

Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 66.10014(2)(a), for new home construction, the Village collects building permit fees outlined below. It also collects impact fees for Park and Fire Protection and storm water management fees. It does not collect for water or sewer hook-up fees, because the Village has no municipal utilities. We also do not collect plat approval fees or land dedication fees. These are typically handled independently of the building inspection process.

Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 66.10014(2)(b), in 2022 the Village had 15 new homes. The total amount of residential building inspection fees collected for new homes in 2022 equaled $33,024. This total amount, divided by the 15 new homes the Village had, equates to $2,002 per home. The total amount of inspection fees collected for remodeling and building development, in addition to new home fees equaled $257,804. In the report below, you can see the individual costs per project and the locations of those properties.