Business Licenses


Before business licenses can be approved by the Village Board for a beer and liquor license or otherwise, they must first contact Deputy Clerk, Donna Cox, at (262) 628-2260 extension 111 to make sure the proper applications have been filed pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes.

Board Meetings

Once all applications are completed and appropriate fees are paid, the deputy clerk will place the final approval on the next regularly scheduled Village Board meeting. The Village Board meets the third Thursday of every month. For information regarding fees, please refer to the Village's adopted fee schedule (PDF).


Once the various business licenses are approved, the licenses will be mailed to the business. If it is not approved, the business will receive a letter stating the reasons why the request was denied.


For more information regarding business licenses, please email Deputy Clerk Donna Cox or call her at (262) 628-2260 extension 111.