Pet Licensing & Permits

Dog Licensing

All dogs five months of age or older in the Village of Richfield are required to be vaccinated against rabies and issued an annual license. Proof of vaccination must accompany the application (PDF) in order to receive a license per Wisconsin State Statutes.

Animal Fancier's Permit

Anyone having more than three dogs over the age of five months will need an animal fancier's permit, per section 118-7 of the village code. The cost of this permit is $30 plus the regular dog license fee for each dog.

Cats are not required to be licensed in the village. 

Kennel Licenses

Kennel means any licensed establishment where three or more dogs are kept for breeding, sale or sporting purposes; in the A-1: Exclusive Agricultural; A-2: General Agricultural Zoning Districts, or as may be permitted in business zoning districts through a conditional use permit. No person shall operate a kennel without a permit. The fee to operate a kennel is established by WI Stats. 174.053. A kennel license is $36 for a kennel of 12 dogs or less and an additional $4 for each dog in excess of 12.

More Information

For additional questions regarding pet licensing, please refer to chapter 10 of the village code or contact Deputy Treasurer Deanna Hupe at (262) 628-2260 extension 114.