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Posted on: March 9, 2017

WIS 175 Resurfacing Project Updates from WI-DOT

Michaels Corporation  

Installation of storm sewer and culvert pipe continues at Hillside and north on STH 175.  During pipe installation, traffic is down to one thru lane with flaggers and/or one lane road ahead signs.  Retaining wall construction at Meeker Hill is progressing with the installation of “H” beams.  Work continues on both walls at this location.  Grading crews will continue cutting new ditches and reconstructing the roadway north of the Richfield Fire House.  To date there are many utility conflicts that caused the contractor to move his operation. 

Next week Monday, April 24th - ROAD CLOSED NOTIFICATION (ONE DAY) 

Pioneer Road from STH 175 to the east project limits will be closed.  Message boards will be in place on Wednesday, April 19th to alert traffic of the up-coming closure.  The contractor has proposed removing the existing roadway and cutting to grade, along with placement of new gravel by the end of the work day on Monday.  This closure is short lived and is scheduled for one day.  Message boards on the day of the closure will be in place near the truck stop on Pioneer Road for westbound traffic, and on the mainline for southbound traffic on STH 175 for closure information.  Contractor equipment and trucks will be moving in and out of the work zone on Pioneer, but there will be no thru access.  There are two homes on Pioneer Road in the closed section that will have access to their driveways.  Please be patient if the contractor is working in that area.  This is the most efficient way to complete the work in a timely fashion.  For businesses, please alert your trucking companies for deliveries to continue with access from the north or south on STH 175.  Car traffic can obviously use Mayfield Road to get around.  All emergency agencies are notified and the contractor is fully aware and will make every provision to get an emergency vehicle thru if needed.  

Monday, May 1st thru Saturday May 6th -  Road Closed notification for STH 175 north of Pioneer Road  

On Monday, April 24th when Pioneer Road is closed, the message boards will move back to the mainline announcing the closure of STH 175 beginning on Monday, May 1st thru Saturday, May 6th.  Just north of Pioneer Road, on STH 175 there is a culvert pipe carrying Cedar Creek water under the roadway.  During construction we work closely with the DNR to facilitate no in-stream work during fish spawning.  We have received notification from the DNR to move ahead with replacing the culvert pipe.  This will involve creating a temporary bypass for the existing water, while removing the old pipe and installing the new one.  This closure was stipulated in the contract with notification to businesses prior to the closure.  Most town roads are posted with weight limits, so all trucking operations, deliveries, etc., will enter from STH 60 to the closure or from either Pioneer Road or Holy Hill Road  to the closure.  This is another reason why the Pioneer Road work was scheduled prior.   Because of the temporary bypass carrying the Cedar Creek water, there is no way to get across including all emergency vehicles.  Please be advised of the closure and plan accordingly.  The closure is schedule for six days, but will reopen when the work is completed. 

Beginning on Tuesday, April 25th Payne & Dolan will begin the asphalt base patch operation.  This will entail removing rutted areas and replacing with new asphalt.  They will schedule work in one lane at a time, so traffic will be able to get thru.  There will be full access by nightfall.  Their base patching operation is scheduled to be completed in 3 days (weather permitting).  The patching is accomplished prior to milling and paving to allow traffic to help with compaction.  The depth of the patches are 6 – 12 inches down to the existing concrete pavement.  After patching is complete and prior to paving the first lift of new asphalt, the contractor will mill (grind off) 2 ½-inches and then replace with 4-inches of new asphalt.  This will 100% help with a better riding surface.  During the asphalt paving operation, flaggers will be present to direct traffic in one lane.

In the near future we are looking at placing concrete curb & gutter as early as mid-May and then begin asphalt placement.  There is a lot of work to be done prior to the U.S. Golf Open.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Emergency services will be notified in advance when there is a change to access. Please be patient when travelling thru the site.  Utility companies are still working on moving their facilities within the right-of-way.  They do not have the right to disturb your private property without your permission.  If there is personal property damage, please contact the utility directly.  The department by contract will not repair or pay for damages done by others.  If you need help tracking them down, please feel free to contact Jeanne Merchant at Jeanne.Marchant@dot.wi.gov or call 262-328-5114. 

 Click on "Additional Info" to review the project timeline provided to the Village by WisDOT.

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