Village Board

Village Board 2023


The Village Board meets:

  • 6:00 pm
  • Third Thursday of the month
  • Lower level of the Richfield Village Hall 4128 Hubertus Road, Hubertus, WI 53033


NamePositionTerm EndsPhone NumberEmail
John JeffordsVillage President2025(262) 628-0385Email John Jeffords
Dan NeuTrustee2024(262) 628-0177Email Dan Neu
Tom WolffTrustee2025(414) 520-3566Email Tom Wolff
Pam SchmittTrustee2025(262) 365-3955Email Pam Schmitt 
Jack LietzauTrustee2024(262) 993-0152Email Jack Lietzau 


The Village Board shall consist of the Village President and four Trustees, all of whom shall be elected from the Village at-large. The terms for both the Village President and Village Trustees are two years.

The Village Board serves as the legislative arm of Village government. Trustees are individual members of the Village Board. Individual Trustees are not empowered to act on behalf of the Village, and can only exercise power when a quorum or majority of the Board is present.


The Village Board appoints the Village Administrator, confirms several appointments made by the President and makes several appointments to the various boards and commissions. It has authority for the management and control of Village property; management and control of Village finances and infrastructure; the power to act for the government, for its commercial benefit, and for the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Additionally, Village Trustees and the President:

  • Approve and amends the annual budget as needed
  • Approve the payment of claims made against the village
  • Enact ordinances, resolutions and motions
  • Enters into contracts on behalf of the village
  • Grant licenses issued by the village
  • Levy taxes

All Packets and Minutes are available in the Agenda Center.