Pay Taxes

Real Estate / Personal Property Tax Payment Options

If you chose to pay your taxes in installments, your first installment was due by January 31st to the Village of Richfield Treasurer and your second installment is due July 31st to the Washington County Treasurer. If you do not pay the TOTAL amount of your taxes by the scheduled due dates, the TOTAL amount of your remaining unpaid taxes will be delinquent (Wis Stats 74.11(7), 74.12, or 74.87). Delinquent taxes are subject to interest and penalties until they are paid in full.

To pay your second installment to the Washington County Treasurer by mail, mail your payment to:

Washington County Treasurer
432 E Washington St, PO Box 1986
West Bend, WI 53095-7986

To pay your second installment to the Washington County Treasurer by phone or online, visit the Washington County Treasurer website here.


If you elect to pay by mail, please do so prior to the due date to ensure timely payment. First installments are due to Village Hall by January 31st and second installments are due on July 31st. Include the following with your payment: the tax coupon and a check or money order payable to "The Village of Richfield." Mailed payments are considered timely if postmarked on or before the January 31st due date. Remember to send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to receive a receipt. Any outstanding payments past January 31st must be sent to the Washington County Treasurer's Office.

Checks issued by lending institutions must be properly endorsed by all parties listed as payee. Tax receipts are valid only after deposited check has cleared the bank. Any returned checks from your bank voids your payment. There is a $30 charge for all checks returned from the bank for any reason.

Treasurer's Office

Tax payments can be made in person in the lower level of the Village Hall, west side entrance or at Landmark Credit Union in Reflections Village. You can pay your taxes at the local Landmark Credit Union during their regular business hours beginning December 17. You will be issued a receipt just as you would if you paid at the Village Hall. Landmark Credit Union does not issue dog licenses. Dog Licenses must be purchased at the Village Hall.

Night Deposit

Located at the Village Hall, to the left of the main entrance, the drop box is a secure depository for payments available 24 hours a day. Follow the same instructions as if you were mailing. Tax payments will be removed and processed each business day.

Online / by Phone

You will be able to pay your taxes online or over the phone this upcoming tax season. There are convenience fees for both on-line payments and over the phone transaction. They are both secure payment options.

Links will go live December 16th for the tax collection season, and conclude on January 31st.

Go to the Official Payment Corporation website. You will need to select information for Richfield, Wisconsin personal or property taxes.

Convenience Fees are as follows:

  • Credit Card Fee - 2.89% with $1.05 minimum
  • Electronic Check Fees 
    • $2.90 for payments less than $10,000
    • $15.75 for payments greater than $10,000
  • Phone Payments can be made at (800) 272-9829