WisDOT Village Construction

CTH FD (former Pioneer Road) from STH 175 to Richfield Way

In early April, Washington County will be reconstructing the former Pioneer Road from STH 175 to Richfield Way. The contract price for this construction effort is approximately $1,300,000. It is expected that the project will be completed by July 31st. The project is the last step in the jurisdictional road transfer the Village agreed to with Washington County in 2019. Once completed, Washington County plans to vacate CTH FD and transfer the road to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The road will then be renamed and act as a continuation of STH 145. 

Project Contact:

Scott Schmidt, Washington County Highway Commissioner

Telephone: (262)-335-6881

Email: Scott.Schmidt@co.washington.wi.us

2020.3.30 Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda and Minutes - Washington County

STH 167 - Kwik Trip Resurfacing and Street Light Installation

Road construction on STH 167 is proposed to start the week of April 20th. STH 167 will remain open to through traffic. Approximately 1-2 weeks the permanent signals will be up and running, the concrete flume, dirt work and restoration will also take place. Pending weather, the road construction project is expected to be completed towards the end of July. 

4/20 - 5/1 - Signal installation

5-4 - 5/8 - Temp flumes removal - additional dirt work not completed 

5/8 - Concrete flume installation

5/11 - 5/15 - Landscaping and restoration

Paving - Date to be Determined

Striping - Date to be Determined 

Project Contact:

Dan Markeland, Payne & Dolan

Telephone: (262)-366-5132

Email: DMarkeland@payneanddolan.com