Building Inspections


The Village Building Inspectors are responsible for issuing all building, electrical, HVAC and plumbing permits for Richfield and the hamlets of Colgate and Hubertus. In addition, beginning in September of 2013, the Richfield Building Inspectors are responsible for the Village of Slinger and Sussex. The Building Inspectors are charged with overseeing construction, in all phases, for any project being done within the Village's municipal boundaries. Permits (PDF) protect property owners and contractors alike. Please view Building Permit Procedures Overview (PDF) when planning a future project in the Village. 

Attention New Home Builders: The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) will require all new single and two family homes file the Wisconsin Uniform Building Permits electronically with the DSPS beginning January 2nd, 2018. View instructions on this process (PDF).


In addition to new houses and businesses, other examples of projects that require a permit are:

Be sure to check the property setbacks before you begin your project.


Failure to apply for permits may result in double permit fees (PDF), at the discretion of the village building inspector.

Please note, as of December 16, 2021 minimum permit fees have changed. The new minimum permit fees are as follows:

Minimum Building Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum Electrical Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum HVAC Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum Plumbing Permit Fee$50.00

As of May of 2022, the payment of Plan Review fees is required at the submittal of all building permits. Those Plan Review fees are as follows:

One- and two-family residence

Apartment, three-family residence row housing, multifamily building$230.00, plus $20.00/unit

Commercial and industrial alterations and additions$250.00

Additions to one- and two-family$100.00

Alterations to one- and two-family$75.00

Accessory building/Detached garage, 192 square fee or more$75.00

Decks, swimming pools$50.00

Heating plans submitted separately $50.00

Typical New Home Fees

Fee Schedule (PDF)


General, HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning), electrical and plumbing contractors are required to have State of Wisconsin licenses and credentials. State of Wisconsin licensing and credential requirements and other state code information is available at the DSPS website or by calling (608) 266-2112.